Saturday, January 23, 2010

Obsessed with Haiti

I can't stop thinking about Haiti.  I can't figure out why.  I have seen a lot of other tragedies on the news before: 9/11, the tsunami a few years ago, earthquakes in other places, yet nothing has gripped me like this. Somehow, through someone on either Facebook or Twitter, I found these two orphanages who are connected to each other through the same organization.  I found out that many friends of mine from MOPS actually know these people personally.  I do not know them personally.  Yet in the last 10 days, I have followed their blogs and tweets so closely I feel like I know them.  Both of these orphanages have been turned into triage centers, taking in any wounded who stumble upon them.  Medical personnel, as well as major news networks, are showing up at their doorstep to help. Anderson Cooper was at one of them today. Diane Sawyer was there a few days ago. I don't have cable, but I've been looking up the news features online.  They are performing amputations, c-sections, delivering babies, taking in new orphans, and working non-stop around the clock.  One of the orphanages had to move every person out because they were attacked by 20 men with guns the other night who wanted all of their food and supplies.

(Here is one of the blogs:
and the other:
By the way, these 2 orphanages are small and in desperate need of funds and of prayer.  The big organizations are getting most of the donations, but if you are looking for a direct way to help Haiti, Child Hope International is a great way to give).

But back to the question - why can't I stop thinking about these people?  I think I partly know why.  A very long time ago, God gave me a major burden for orphans.  I went and worked at Royal Family Kid's Camp one summer during college, and was a counselor for 2 girls who had been put through the foster care system. One of them held my hand the whole time (she was about 11 years old) and kept telling me she wanted me to be her mom, and that I looked like her mom.  I had such a hard time leaving her and sending her back to her group home.  The burden has always stayed with me, but been in the background of my heart.

Since becoming a mom, though, this burden has resurfaced.  I keep seeing these  pictures of orphans in Haiti, and I almost can't handle it.  I have never been on a missions trip, but I have a feeling that if I did go to an orphanage in another country, it might be too much for me to bear.

Tonight I came across a blog (a friend of a friend), and there was a prayer on there.  An adoption prayer.  She said "I double-dog dare you to pray this."  Woah.  A double-dog dare?!  I couldn't resist looking. And then I couldn't resist praying the prayer.

I don't know what will happen in our future.   My body is done having kids.  But my heart is not done, because I keep being drawn to the orphans.  Please pray for us, as we wait on God.  We wait for his timing, but His burden just keeps getting stronger and stronger and stronger.  Maybe that's why Haiti is so heavy on my heart.


  1. Ah friend, I feel much the same way as you. I know we are done choosing to have children, but I can't help to wonder if there is one out there that God will choose for us--or us for, at some point. My heart still has so much room and love to give. I'm almost scared to go read that prayer you posted a link to. But I probably will.

  2. Wow Jaimie, I totally know how you feel! My heart is burdened for the people of Haiti, and especially the children, so much that I can not watch news coverage anymore. The images just tear at my heart! We've given monitarily all that we are able to and I've even gone down to the Sports Chalet and donated alot of our shoes to the red cross for the people of Haiti who are going barefoot! But my heart is still aching for them. Prayer is all that i have left to give but it's the most powerful thing I can. You are such a wonderful person and if God puts it in your hearts to adopt a child from Haiti, then Praise God because you are giving that child more than they ever had just by being their parents. Bless you guys for even opening your heart to the idea!