Thursday, May 26, 2011

Friday Funnies

It's been awhile since I've done a Friday Funnies post, so I've been saving them up.  Put on your seat belts...this will be a funny ride :)


I asked  Jaden where he wanted to eat on his birthday.  "At the table," he said.  Micah replied, "No, Jaden! Where at a restaurant?"  Jaden said, "In N Out!  And they will be so happy!  They will put party hats on!"

Jaden saw my swimsuit and asked, "Is that your mermaid thing?"

When I picked Jaden up from preschool, I asked him what he had for snack that day.  "Alcohol!" he said.  Later that week, Martin's family was over for lunch and Martin asked what everyone would like to drink. Jaden shocked the whole family when he said, "Alcohol!"

For some reason Jaden was talking about Strawberry Shortcake and he said, "There are crazy girls on there.  That's why I don't watch that cartoon."  He has never seen that cartoon, so I asked where he heard that and he told me one of his friends from school said that :)

We were at a restaurant and Micah said, "Santa Clause is real!"  Jaden shot back, "FAT!"

Jaden keeps telling us that he speaks Spanish.  He adds "L" to every word and says things like, "I wlant leggs for bleakflast.  I spoke Spanish, mommy!"

We were in a Mexican restaurant where they had rap music on (I know, weird).  The first part of the song was just music and Micah asked, "Is this classical music?  Because they aren't singing any words."

In the car we were listening to a rap album of someone who visited our church.  I asked Micah, "Do you like rap music, Micah?"  He said, "I like all music, mom."  Well then!

Micah has been copying his friend Beau's laugh from school.  It gets kindof annoying and I told him, "I like your laugh, Micah.  Just laugh like you."  He replied, "Well, I like all laughs, mommy."

I was wearing a tank top and Jaden sat on my lap and touched the top of my top.  He said, "What is this?  A shirt?" I said yes, and he said, "You need to cover this up mommy.  You need to put another shirt on."   I said, "You don't want people to see that?" (the top of my chest).  He said, "No! Go put another shirt on!" (Interesting what a 4 year old can teach the world about modesty - love it)

We drove by a cop holding a speed gun, and Micah said, "Why does he have that gun?  If people go too fast, he shoots them?"


  1. Hilarious!!! I love all of them but especially the last two! :)

  2. Hahahahaha! Oh my gosh, those boys crack me up! I love Micah's cop comment - that's hilarious!