Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Give Yourself a Gift

When you hear that phrase "Give Yourself a Gift," what do you think of?

-A Massage?
-A nice dinner out?
-Some jewelry?
-A new dress?

I've been thinking about this lately: why is it that I don't do what I know is good for me?  For instance - I know it is good to:

-Eat healthy
-Eat. (Period)
-Eat Less (okay, so most of mine have to do with food.)
-Go to bed early
-Read more
-Sit outside
-Read my Bible
-Spend time in silence
-Spend less time on the internet
-Watch less TV

Yet, when I think of "giving myself a gift," my mind often goes to the first list instead of the second list.  Really, when we do the things we know we ought to do (but don't), then we really are giving ourselves a gift!  We give ourselves a gift when we listen to our bodies, our hearts, our spirits - instead of our task list, our "want" list, or our external needs lists.  When we do the things we ought to do, we end up feeling refreshed, joyful, and at peace.  Yet for some reason we still struggle, and we don't give ourselves gifts, and we feel depleted and angry inside.

So now, instead of going online and adding one more thing to my shopping cart (which has been full for about 6 months now), I will do what my mind and heart are telling me to do - GO TO BED. And rest.  Because doing what I ought to do is a gift; a gift to myself!  

What gift will you give yourself this Mother's Day?

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