Saturday, June 11, 2011

All About Boys: The "Nice" Edition

A few weeks ago I was joking with a new friend (who also has 2 kids 2 years apart), that in those first 5 years of having young kids, we basically were shut up in our houses wondering "what the heck were we thinking?!" in having kids so close together.  We never really realized how much work it would actually be.  But now that the kids are older (4 and 6), we are finding that this is such a fun age for them to play together when they actually get along.  Micah and Jaden have both referred to each other recently as "my best friend" when talking about each other, and we are finally in an easier stage of life.

We do have to strike a balance, however, between time together and time apart.  Since they share a room, they really have no privacy, and patience can wear thin on a bad day.  This summer will give them plenty of time to be together, but I know as well that I need to plan times each day for them to play alone or with their own friends.  This (hopefully) will ensure that they continue to get along and play well together.

Last night I found them on their beds reading quietly together...

Then this morning they were relaxing on the couch watching a cartoon...

They recently found my "bra keeper" that is used to wash bras in the washing machine.  I walked into the living room and found them bowling with it; it was hilarious.  (Note their "lane" made up of shoes) :)

And they've been playing nicely together with their toys, forming an alliance between the superheroes and Zhu Zhu pets:

But did I mention that summer hasn't started here yet?  4 more days of school this week, and then Friday begins summer vacation. Stay tuned for next week's edition of "All About Boys: The 'Naughty' Edition" :)


  1. They really do seem like best friends in this post. Curious to see how the naughty edition goes.

  2. I love this post. Bowling with the bra balls. Kicking it with the cat. So sweet.