Friday, June 24, 2011


There are a few days where I just can't handle being around myself.   Like when:

-my legs are hairy
-my clothes are too tight
-I need my highlights done
-I find a new varicose vein
-new hairs pop up on my neck
-I'm all sweaty

And I feel just gross.

Then I go into the living room, slip off my tennis shoes, and a cute 4 year old comes up and screams, "Mommy! I like your socks!"

and the world is alright again.


  1. Ugh, I'm noticing more of those pesky gray hairs popping up on my head. But the same kids that are probably putting them there also make it all worthwhile... amazing how kids can do that. ;p lol

  2. LOL!! You, my friend, are tooooooooo funny!! The other day, Elias was playing with my hair (he loves it for some reason??) and he found the little patch of white hairs on the back of my crown. He said "Mommy! You look like the girl from X-Men!" he meant Rogue, hahaha! Then he said, "You're so coooool!" Aren't kids just the best?