Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summer Has Begun

Oy. What am I going to do for the next 3 months?!  Besides...

-not pack any school lunches
-not lay out clothes the night before
-not have to leave my house like clockwork 2x a day

Now I have a new problem: two boys who will need some entertaining.  Sure, they play a lot by themselves. But if I go into summer without a plan, big problems are going to happen; problems like bickering and fighting and throwing toys and crying.

Today I came across this great article on Make and Takes called "Summer Camp for Kids", where they will give us some great ideas for summer fun.  They also have a great blog post called "Summer Tub O' Fun" that I plan on doing this week.

Here are a few things we plan on doing so far:

-Play dates.  At least once a week.

-Summer school.  I signed the boys up for summer school 2x a week for one month.  It is not really "school", but more of a structured playtime at Jaden's preschool.  At least I have 8 mornings taken care of (out of 84 - yikes).

- VBS.  Don't you love churches that have VBS?!  I do! I do!  

- One trip to the visit my parents, one trip to Morro Bay, and one possible (short) camping trip.  I can't wait!

But...for the days in between, that is where I need some creativity.  I will be working on that in the next few days, and will for sure visit Home Stories A to Z for some inspiration on this topic! :)  What are your daily plans for the summer?


  1. How about you schedule a few days every so often called "home days" where the boys can do whatever they want at home? Elias loves this. He can stay in his pj's all day if he wants or wear some funktified outfit and not comb his hair. He can play with whatever he wants, watch whatever he wants on TV (decent shows or movies of course) and he gets to select what's for the meals. He really takes these days to draw, play, watch movies, etc. and I find it easy to catch up on my blogs, WOHP stuff, or just nap! I love them and he thinks they're so much fun. I can only think it might be easier with 2 boys because they can entertain each other? I donno....

  2. Oh, and he helps me cook the meals and picks my clothes too. He thinks it's hilarious to make me look funny. But it works!

  3. We are still doing some homeschool here and there during the summer, going to the splash park, we are on the VBS circuit so to speak, lots of swimming and as many library activities as we could sign up for!

  4. After a big outing day, my girls are always really happy to stay home and chill the next day. Of course that doesn't mean they stay entertained the whole time, but they aren't as antsy. That helps with the balance. Water play is always big too! Buckets of water with random toys, bowls, cups etc. I'm so happy about not have the school-day rush too!