Tuesday, January 3, 2012


January 1st came and went, and I've barely had time to stop and reflect on 2011 yet.  These past 2 weeks flew by so fast, and we had so much activity going on, that all my free time was just spent catching up on much-needed sleep!  I'm so thankful for the time we had together as a family and with friends.

These past 3 days have been the hardest; getting back into the daily schedule and starting school again.

In the midst of all of that, yesterday I started a new job!  I'd been looking for something for over a month, and just the right opportunity came along. I'll be working as an administrative assistant for a counseling center, part-time there and part-time at home, and only about 10 hours a week.

It has been an exciting week, but also draining, and I feel those familiar body aches and sore throat that signal I have been a bit stressed and need to recoop for a few days.

Today I was thinking about change, and how even when change is good, it can be hard.

In December our church consolidated with another church - a huge change. We are now meeting at a new building, have different service times, different responsibilities, and are meeting a lot of new people.  Good, but hard.

Yesterday I went to work and felt good about it, but today felt more emotional.  I realize that this is my last "semester" with Jaden at home before he enters Kindergarten.  I cherish my times with him. Although I need to work (and want to), there is a little twinge of guilt every time I leave him.  Sure, he's in school on the mornings I work, but I've always been the one to drop him off and pick him up, and I won't always be able to do that now.  Again, good change, but hard.

The past two weeks we cleaned up a lot and got rid of Jaden's old car seats. We officially bumped him up into a booster seat, and he loves it.  Just a small change, but it reminds us that he is growing up and leaving the baby stage behind.

As my boys are leaving my side a little more these days, I see that we are entering a brand new stage.  A stage that is good, but hard.  It is always hard to watch your babies grow up and need you a little bit less.

The next two months I'll be focused on working and preparing for the Re:Write Conference in March.  I'm finishing a book proposal and entering a writing contest, and it is taking a ton of energy and focus.  Good, but hard!

We are only 3 days into 2012 and I see that this is already a year of change and growth.  This is really interesting, because last December I wrote about how I saw 2011 as a year of change.  It was a year of change, but 2012 might be even more of that!

What change are you currently going through and how are you feeling about it?

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  1. Change was one of my "three words" for 2011 and my one word for this year is Grow.