Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My Little Evangelist

Lately we have been so busy! Sometimes there are really slow and boring weeks, and then there are weeks like this! We've had 3 families over for dinner in the last 5 days, a garage sale, visited my uncle, I went to the Curtain Call Dinner Theater with my mom & sister to see "The Sound of Music", went to church, went to a family birthday party, and yesterday had doctors appointments for both boys. Whew!

So yesterday at the boys 1 and 3 year check-ups, they both got their shots. You may remember my previous post a few months ago where I was debating whether or not to get Jaden vaccinated. Well, after MUCH prayer and research, we decided to go ahead and do it. After reading some thoughts by Dr. Sears (The Vaccine Book), I realized that maybe I could just not do all the shots at once, so we settled for 2 at this visit, 2 in a month, and 2 in two more months. (He's a little behind now). Well, Micah also needed 2 shots, and he had no idea what was coming. We didn't warn him as we thought that might make it worse, so it came as quite a surprise when he got them. As tears were streaming down his face when we got back in the car, his little body heaving sobs, he cried out "Jesus help us!" It was so sad I wanted to cry for him!

Later on he seemed especially sensitive throughout the day. He cried again later and as I held him he said "Mommy, Jesus helps us." It was so sweet.

My sister Lauren was here last week and said "Micah keeps telling me that Jesus died on the cross, but he's in heaven now!" Then on Sunday when I picked him up from Sunday School, his teacher said, "Wow! Micah told me the whole story of David & Goliath right when he got in here and he knows a lot about it!" :) That seems to be his favorite story. Then today, he busted out singing at the table "Jesus Loves Me" which I didn't even know he KNEW the whole song! It is so cute to me. I am just amazed at how much he's picking up on, and I am so thankful for all the Sunday School teachers out there who don't know the impact they're having! We continue to pray that these little seeds will grow. Maybe Micah will become a prophet just like Micah in the Bible. :)


  1. So sweet! And how great for him to now be able to verbalize everything that he has been taking in.
    I took our 4 to the dr on Friday, for healthy visits. Thank God they ARE healthy. Two shots each, and Ella, my oldest, was the only one I had to physically put on the table and hold down. Uck, she makes me cry too! After a couple of achy days everyone is good :)

  2. Jaimie...you took both kids in for shots by yourself! You are awesome. If Kurt's available, I ask him to take one in...it is just so hard to watch them in pain.

    That is so cute, too, about Micah. Isn't it so funny how kids put things together in their minds. I need Micah's advice right now because Rachel is being as hornery as ever..."Jesus help me".

  3. Don't you love it! Abby is our prayer warrior. She will pray longer than the attention span she has to do most things. And I can't get enough of hearing her sing Jesus loves the little children. Her 3 year old accent on some of the words is too cute!