Monday, July 7, 2008

Week in Review

So, we made it through 7 days without daddy - I can't believe it! :) God was so good to us during that time. Yes, the boys both had the stomach flu the morning Martin left, but literally stopped throwing up right when he left at 3:15am. On Saturday and Sunday we laid low at home, still recovering, and I tried to find activities for the boys to do inside the house for 2 days (NOT easy, I might add!) I let Micah play with shaving cream and he had a blast. He made pies and "painted" with it for a long time. 

On Sunday night, my sister came over to spend the night, and on Monday we all took long naps and then went to Hermosa Beach for "Hope at the Beach" (with our church) on Monday night. On Tuesday morning around 5am, she got out of bed and proceeded to throw up - she, too, caught the flu bug that was apparently still present in our house, and I felt SO bad for her. At 10am I took the boys to the Farmer's Market to give her some peace and quiet, and when I got home around 1pm, she had thrown up something like 15 times since she had woken up. She was just miserable. I tried to take care of her and keep the boys out of her way, and thankfully she felt well enough on Tuesday night to drive herself back to my parents house. Poor girl. I really did sanitize everything!!! But no matter how well you sanitize I guess some germs still linger!

On Wednesday we drove out to my parents house and stayed there until Friday (4th of July). The boys had a blast. They loved being at Mimi and Papa's house, despite the fact that it was 95-100 degrees the whole time we were there! On Friday morning, my dad and sister and I took Micah to the Temecula 4th of July parade. It had such a small-town feel and it was so nice to be there. We went in a few antique shops, visited a candy shop, got a drink, and I got stung by a biting fly. It made me want to live there (not the biting fly part) because it was so "quaint" and beautiful.

The boys both slept fabulously thanks to my sister who made over my brother's old bedroom into a bed-and-breakfast type room for the 3 of us. Micah, however, got scared of the dark (for the first time) and wanted to sleep in her room with the lights on. Lately he's been talking about monsters, which is strange, since we are so careful about what he watches, but Lauren and I tried to convince him that there were no monsters, and even if there were, they are our friends :)

Friday night we drove home around 9pm and got home only 10 minutes before Martin did. Perfect timing! It is good to be together again. I'm so thankful that the week went smoothly (other than the flu bug), I did not get sick, and I just felt blessed and had strength the whole week long. Thank you, Lord!!!

Here are some pictures we took of the boys on the 4th at my parents house:


  1. Glad you had a great week! Love your pictures & shaving cream is a great idea!

  2. Your boys are adorable. Sounds like you had a good week. I hate it when my husband goes out of town. But God always does seem to take care of us just fine... imagine that! ;0)