Friday, April 17, 2009


My boys have been making me laugh lately. Jaden has acquired a love of BUGS of all things, and keeps bringing me "presents" from his time outside. Yesterday I received a live pincher bug and large black roach, and today he brought me another large roach, playing dead in his fingers. Totally gross. You would think my screams would deter him from doing this again, but he loves it.

Yesterday he decided to give his baby bear a snack. This is how I found baby bear, facedown in goldfish crackers:

On Easter, when we were having an Easter egg hunt in our back yard, Jaden kept stopping to play baseball with whatever he found inside of his Easter eggs. He only collected a few because he was having so much fun batting their contents across the back yard.

(That was an Easter egg that looked like a soccer ball. Guess I can't blame him) :)

Today he reached in the fridge and pulled out a bag of veggies and took them outside with him for his snack. Keep in mind that it is like pulling teeth to get these kids to eat veggies, so I was pleasantly surprised!

I overheard another cute conversation today as well. Micah was laying on the floor next to Jaden, and I heard him say "Googy, do you like me?" "I like you too, Googy." :)  

Micah got a ring-pop yesterday from school for a little girl's birthday (the girl he likes). On the way home, he asked Martin, "Daddy, what is a ring pop?" and Martin told him, "Well, Micah, it's a candy ring that you wear on your finger and you can suck it like a sucker!" and Micah looked out the window and said "There's a ring pop, too, Daddy!" Martin looked out the window as they were passing Robbins-Brothers Engagement Ring Store, and sure enough, there's a large diamond ring on their logo :)

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