Tuesday, May 26, 2009

All Better Now

Today was Day 12 of "Operation Tonsillectomy Recovery."  Micah is doing great.  We can tell that we are officially "over the hump" which occurred on days 7-8 for him.  On those two days, he was in a lot of pain- more than the other days- especially in his ears.  He woke up at night crying in pain and we'd need to give him his medicine.  But thankfully on Sunday we started weaning him off of the pain medication and today he only took 1 dose of regular Tylenol in the morning!  I also took him back to school today for an  hour and he did really well.  Overall it was a pretty easy recovery; he did not cry or complain a lot, but mainly slept and wanted to be held whenever he wasn't feeling well.  His voice changed yesterday; it sounds a little higher now, and I'm not sure if that will ever go away or not.

However, one little side effect from the surgery is what I will refer to now as the "mamma's boy" effect.  Micah now clings to me like I am going to leave him forever if I am gone for even a second.  He wants me to do everything for him - feed him, hold him while he's eating, take him to the bathroom and "help" him go potty, dress him, etc...  He doesn't want daddy to do any of this right now and has a complete meltdown if I cannot help him do the littlest thing.  We figure that he was probably a little traumatized by being in the hospital and just needs that added security right now, so I am happy to oblige (but hoping this pattern doesn't continue on forever) :)  Little man has been a little more emotional of late, but understandably so.  I am just so thankful that the worst is officially over!


  1. So glad he is recovered. The "higher" voice does go away with time. We had a friend who did it last year and he was really high and whiny but it did become deeper. It was hard on the mom though cause her "baby" didn't sound the same. So hang in there.

  2. Yay! We did it!! :) Glad we were able to go through this "ordeal" together. And glad that Micah is doing so well!! :) Praise God!!

  3. aww.. what a little trooper! I'm so glad that everything is going great with Micah.
    *Hugs* to you for being a great Mom too!