Thursday, May 28, 2009

Seriously?! Part 2

Remember that post back in March, titled Okay, Seriously?!  Well, I'm thinking maybe I should make that a weekly feature or something, because that is the only word that can sum up this past week.  And it's only Thursday, people.  You may also remember this post where I admitted my over-use of the word seriously in my life, but I just can't seem to shake it.  In fact, I searched for the word seriously in my blog and found 9 posts where I used the word.  So, a weekly feature?  Maybe.  We'll see. Should I call it "Seriously?! Sundays"?  I don't know, but today is only Thursday and I just could not wait.

Let's see... So it all began last Thursday night.  Martin went to a fundraiser at a local new restaurant, and I had been waiting all night for him to come home with my dinner (that I had specifically picked out from the online menu).  Well, he came home at about 9:00pm when I was starving and said the restaurant ran out of food.  Say it with me, people - "Seriously?!"   Then he told me that they took his money anyway and gave him a bunch of substitutions instead - things that I don't eat, like pork spareribs, pulled pork, etc...  So we had a ton of take out containers full of food that I don't eat.  Lovely.  

Fast forward to this Tuesday....I had two coupons for free meals at Chili's to try some of their new food (see this post if you want free stuff like this too).  I was really looking forward to not cooking that night and being able to have an almost-free meal at the restaurant.  I gave the coupons to the waiter, who gave them to his manager.  He was the type of manager that you look at and just know that he is not a nice guy.  He glared over at our table and crumpled the coupons up in his hand.  Okay.  Seriously?  Are you like 12 years old?!  He storms over and says "You may not use both of these coupons.  You have to buy at least one meal and then I will honor one of them."  (Well, he didn't know that I had already been to Chili's and used these same coupons with no problem 2x before).  I proceeded to tell him that he is mistaken - if he reads the coupons he will see that it says no other purchase is required, and each person in your party can use one coupon for each meal.  I then tell him that if he has a problem with that, we will just leave and go somewhere else.  He tells me "Maybe I'm mistaken.  I will go have to do research on this.  In the meantime, I guess I will honor the coupons."  Well, wasn't that a pleasant meal?  We just knew that he probably spit on our food before it came out.

From there I went to my hair appointment, which I was SO looking forward to since I haven't had a hair cut in about 8 months, and when I get there, the receptionist tells me that I do not have an appointment.  I proceed to try to pull her voicemail reminder up on my cell phone, but I had erased it.  Thankfully the hair stylist fit me in, and I channelled all my anger towards her cutting off ALL my hair practically (well, not all, but about 10 inches).  It felt so good! She was wonderful.

I then went to pay for my new "rage cut", and the receptionist said "Um, your card declined." Okay.  Face beet red:  "Um, here's my Discover Card".   She replied, "we don't take Discover." (All the while I was thinking "I just deposited a $325 check into this account. I know there is money in there!")  I gave her my third card and it went through.  I then drove the whole way home stressing about why my card declined.  When I got home, I found out that the check I deposited was withdrawn again because the person forgot to write "hundred" on the line, so only $3.25 was deposited into my account. Just lovely.  It was fine, though; thankfully nothing bounced and it was all fixed by the morning.

So, it is now Thursday and I can say that Jaden officially entered the Terrible Two's this week. The screams and tantrums have been taken to a whole new level.  And just last week I was finally thinking that life was getting easier since Micah is now almost 4 and is so much easier to handle now (well, most of the time) :)   That was short-lived!  Ha!  Now Jaden stepped it up a notch to make up for Micah.

I guess it's just been one of those weeks!!!  Greatly looking forward to tomorrow - Friday- and hopefully a chance to unwind this weekend!  I hope your week has been much better than mine! :)


  1. I love the word seriously and use it often :)
    It just fits every situation!

    It should definitely be a regular feature!!

  2. I have friends that make fun of me for saying "Seriously" so much! I didn't realize we were kindred spirits that way :D I LOVE that word. One of my first posts was entitled "Seriously?!" And it fits for your week. I pray next week is easier. No, seriously, I do. :) And as for a weekly one...I say go for it. But I would stay away from Sundays. Something about being sarcastic on Sunday doesn't seem quite right ;) By the way, I love your hair!

  3. Love your new blog look! I mostly check in on my phone and I only see the text.

  4. Awww! What a terrible week this has been for you! I think I know that manager you're taking about @ Chili's.. yeah, we've probably all encountered him a time or two! I really laughed at your "12 yr old" remark, lol! I think this entire post had me cracking up! :)
    I hope your weekend went much better for you!!
    Btw, I nearly forgot about the "Terrible twos" Cayden is almost 4, like Micah and yeah.. aren't they a breeze now compared to a year ago even??
    Jordan will be 2 in one year and 5 months (haha) yippy skippy!!! :D
    Man how I can't wait for that.. ;)

  5. Wow!!! What a crazy week! And yes Seriously is the perfect word to describe it! Hope this week is going better.

  6. Jaimie, I LOVE reading your blogs...seriously, I meant it. You have me laughing out loud so many times...what a week. Hmmm, I definitely could come up with a "seriously" column for my daycare days...but by the end of the day, I've forgotten all of the details of the day. My brain just isn't what it used to be...