Saturday, May 16, 2009

Sailing Through, and Jaden's Two!

We are on Day 3 of Micah's recovery and are amazed at how well he is doing. We have seen this child react to pain in the past (but nothing of this magnitude), and knew that he does not like being hurt. But this recovery has surpassed all of our hopes and dreams so far. All I can attribute it to is the power of prayer. We know that anywhere between 50-100 people at least have been praying for him, many from our church. Micah has not cried or complained even one time about the pain. The only thing he HAS complained about is having to take the antibiotics, and he doesn't like being woken up twice in the middle of the night to eat Jello (my concoction of Jello and his medication, mixed, is the only way we have found that he will take his pain meds - without knowing it). He has been eating pretty regularly, although not a lot, but it is keeping him hydrated. Tonight I weighed him and found he has lost one and a half pounds in the past 3 days. Today we were successful, though, at having him eat some watermelon, oatmeal, applesauce, mac & cheese, canned peaches, popsicles and a little water mixed with juice. I have heard that for some kids, days 2-4 are the worst, and for others it is days 5-8 (because of the scabs that form on the back of the throat), so we will continue to wait and see, and hope for the best.

Today is also Jaden's 2nd birthday! Normally I would blog a letter to him about the past year, but since I can barely see straight right now (don't get me wrong - even though Micah's recovery has been relatively easy, it is still draining and tiring, and he wants me to hold him all day), I will wait on the letter. Here is a picture from May 16th, 2007:

May 16, 2008

And this week:

We celebrated his birthday at my parent's house last weekend. Today I made cupcakes (something Micah could actually eat), and laid low at home.

Oh, and here are a few out-takes of some pictures Martin took of the boys for my Mother's Day gift. It was a frame with 4 pictures of the boys holding signs that said "We Love You Mom!". (These are also my experiments with different settings in Lightroom):


  1. Love your mother's day present! That's super creative and cute!! Your Jaden is getting so big - Hope he had a great day, with everything else :)

  2. Love those pictures :-) They are precious!
    Happy Birthday Jaden! 2 years have never flown by so quickly huh?
    (I've not done my letter either, and no one has had surgery around here. I don't know what my problem is!!)