Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Week!

I think Easter week has to be my favorite week of the year.  There are just so many fun things to do!  It is a beautiful time of year, the weather is perfect, and we get an opportunity to rejoice that our Savior was risen!  It is also Spring Break for Micah, and so we've been trying to keep busy and have fun.  Here is our week in pictures (and there are a LOT of them!)

We died Easter eggs (Spiderman theme - what will they think of next?!)

We had 3 Easter egg hunts (Two were through churches and one was at home):

The boys got 6 Easter baskets total (3 each, from family members) Overkill, I know!

We went to Chuck E Cheese twice in two days (do I get an award for that?!):

We had an Easter service at church! (Wherewecombinedwithtwootherchurchesandeverythingthatcouldgowrongwentwronganditwasprettystressfulandwehadtoendupsharingmics,butwehadagreattimeanywayandtheentireservicewasoutsideandwewerecold.  Whydidiwriteallthattogether?  Becauseitwasaprettystressfulday.  But fun.)

The boys visited the Easter bunny.  At church.  (Yes, the Easter bunny visits our church.)  Micah wanted to know where the Easter bunny went and I told him that he went home and he replied, "He went home to become a man again, mommy?" I laughed and he said "He was wearing sandals!!")

After Easter Sunday was over, we rested and all took LONG naps for the next two days.  Then we went to visit my parents!  We also took the boys miniature golfing for the first time. They loved it!  We didn't keep score, though.

And they got prizes after playing the games inside, which Jaden popped about 2 seconds after taking this picture.

We took a walk around the lake:
(Here Micah is wondering why the statues have no heads)

And here is Jaden excited that he is touching a gun:

and we had a nice dinner with my family (my favorite picture of all) :)

We have about 4 days left of Spring Break, but I'm pretty tired now so I think we may just rest!  (and now you may need to rest too if you survived looking at all of those!!) :)


  1. LOL! I love your posts Jaimie! I cracked up reading all of the pictures and love the way you wroteallthosewordstogether! LOL!! Oh my, and I thought I was busy! I still haven't gotten all of my pictures together to post. Looks like fun times - I hope you survive the rest of your week! Love you!

  2. Where do I begin??? How about with the first picture?? Are those red poppies on your tablecloth? If so, don't be surprised if that tablecloth disappears when I come to visit you. :) The red poppies in my Ikea picture would love some company....
    I also LOVE that you and I are usually part of the mamarazzi but when we got together with all of our kids, neither one of us busted out a camera. I guess we were photog'd out from Easter! :)
    I love the picture of Jaden holding that squishy ball. Skylar popped ours in about 3 seconds flat.
    We loved having you guys over. It was WAY too short. Please come again soon. :D
    p.s...I LOVE the picture heavy post.