Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Intuitive One

We'd been dreading this morning all week; the morning of Micah's 5 year doctor appointment - the one to get him "approved" for kindergarten and get caught up on all those shots.  We hadn't talked about it at all, except for once about 2 weeks ago, yet somehow he knew.  After brushing his teeth this morning, he said, "Is today my doctor's appointment?" Once we confirmed that today was the day (after looking at each other in disbelief), he cried and whined and refused to go to the car when it was time.  Once there, he refused to get out of the car, and Martin had to carry him into the office.  However, we have the BEST pediatrician, and she came in and made him feel right at home.   

She read a book with him, talked with him all about Lightning McQueen, and just totally impressed us.  He was very verbal with her and answered all her questions, so we knew he was feeling okay.  
Micah drawing a picture of himself:

Micah's picture of himself :)

Daddy & Jaden watching:

When the time for shots came, I took Jaden out of the room for fear that it would traumatize the whole family.  Yet I never heard one peep come out of him.  Martin got out his Ipod so Micah would be distracted by a cartoon, and Micah watched the nurse poke him twice and did not even cry!   We were in total shock! 

The minute it was over and the nurse walked out of the room, Micah looked at Martin and said, "Daddy, I want a big sister."  Martin paused and was about to say, "um, let's pray about that," when Micah went on to say, "I think we should pray and ask God for one."  Well then!  Little did he know that while at Catalyst, Kay Warren spoke on God's heart for adoption (and did she impress the crowd, let me tell you - you can read some of her message by clicking on her name).  Little did Micah know that last night in bed (around 11pm), Martin and I talked and prayed about that very thing.   (And we were very quiet and he was asleep, so we know he didn't hear us.)

We have no immediate plans to go and do this; we just feel right now like God is preparing our hearts for something.  But ALL day that is all Micah wanted to talk about.  Tonight the conversation went something like this:

"Mommy, when we get my big sister, we are going to need to get her a bed.  A pink Lightning McQueen bed. And some pink sheets.  We will need to get her some clothes too, because she'll need clothes. And she'll need underwear. Pink underwear.  I will be really, really nice to her and share all my toys.  And we can get some games and play them together."  

Me: "Where are we going to find this big sister, Micah?"

Micah:  "We need to pray to God and ask him, and then he's going to ring the front doorbell and she will be there." And then, "She will be the girl at the park that we saw the other day riding the pink bicycle."

Me:  "How old will she be, Micah?"

Micah: "Um, I think her birthday will be in June, and she'll be 20."  :)

The conversation went on and on, and I don't remember all of it.  But I do know that I have rarely seen him so excited about something (or someone).  He lights up when he talks about this girl.  I know that many kids his age talk of wanting a sibling, and it is really common.  But we also know that Micah is a very intuitive child; not just about the doctor's appointment, but about many things in general.  (When we took him to his kindergarten, he said, "this is not my kindergarten."  Haven't figured that one out yet, but he was pretty insistent.)

So for now, we will talk and dream and pray for this "big sister," and if God chooses to bring her into our lives sooner than later, then I'm sure this is a funny way of preparing our hearts!

(McDonalds reward after shots today):

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  1. I'm so glad he did well!! That's awesome. Also pretty cool about his big sister. How exciting for God to place it on his little heart too. We've been having the same discussion here. :) But the girls want a "baby brother."