Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday Funnies

It's time again for Friday Funnies, sponsored by Heather at Triple Blessing!

At dinner one night this week, we were talking about fish when Micah asked "Where do goldfish come from, mommy?" I didn't really want to explain it so I just said that they "come from bigger fish." :) He replied, "and then they turn into [goldfish] crackers?"

We drove by an outdoor venue where a band was playing music. Micah said, "Oh no! Someone left their music on in their car and now their car battery is going to die!"

Jaden has a habit of singing a lot.  I overheard Micah say to him, "Jaden, stop singing!! That hurts my ears!"

We were at McDonalds and could not find Jaden in the play structure.  Micah ripped off his shoes and ran past me, saying, "Mommy, I have to go rescue Jaden!"

At that same play structure, Jaden looked out one of the windows at us sitting below him, and proceeded to have an entire conversation with us about something happening in there, but we could not hear one word of what he said.  It was so funny watching his facial expressions and him pointing around, thinking we could hear him, but nope....

In the car, I asked Micah, "What is your middle name, Micah?" He replied, "Nick."  I have no idea why he thinks that is his middle name, but I reminded him that it is actually Nathaniel. :)

We frequently go park at a spot overlooking the beach.  Martin brought his binoculars and let Jaden look through them.  He shouted, "I just saw a shark, mommy!  I just saw a whale!  I just saw a dolphin!  Oops - you missed it."  Then he looked around the park behind us and said, "OH!  I just saw a rumor weed!!"  Yes, Jaden loves that Veggietales episode!

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  1. Those are good ones! I love Micah to the rescue!! And the whole conversation that you couldn't hear :) The goldfish crackers takes the cake!! That's like Amy's girls asking if hot dogs were made out of dogs :D