Friday, August 20, 2010

Winding Down

We have 19 more days until school begins; it seems so far away but it coming so fast! Some of my friends have kids that started school in mid-August, so I'm thankful for these last few weeks that we can all spend time together.

We have accomplished all but two items on our Summer Fun List.  We haven't visited my sister yet (although she has come here a few times), and we never went to see Toy Story 3.  The boys are still scared of the theater, and a few friends told me it was scary for their kids.  BUT, it has been fun crossing everything else off the list!  The 2-week swimming lessons paid off, and the other day we spent 4 1/2 hours in a friend's pool, and they loved it.  I watched Micah take off by himself across the pool, just hanging on to a pool noodle.  I was so proud of him, as he finally overcame his fear of the water.

As we slow down for the beginning of school, I am enjoying my last days of having both boys home with me all day long. This is a monumental year, as I have had both boys with me, almost all day every day, since they were born.  With school starting for Micah, I will need to find new things to do with just Jaden and I, and I'm sure we will have some precious moments.  I will really miss being with Micah all day though.  It is still a shock to me that from 9-2 he will not be with me, under my care.  But let's stop talking about that or I will be a big mess. :)

The past few weeks the boys have officially given up their afternoon naps for good. I thought this moment was happening a few months ago, but the naps came back.  This time, though, they both seem to have outgrown them, and no matter how tired out they are, they will just NOT sleep in the afternoon.  It is hard for me, since that was the time of day that I would rest or get work done.  But I guess it is good they're both doing it now, since Micah will be at school and Jaden needs to be awake at 2pm when we pick Micah up.  Trying to look on the bright side here!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Look at him swimming! That's great!
    If you don't have to wake a child to go get another, count your blessings ;) It's not been fun. We're in year 3 and I'm almost ready to make Bailey just stop napping but she really really really still needs it. Maybe next year she won't nap. :)

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  3. Stopping in from New Friend Friday! Way to be looking on the bright side! :) It's usually hard to do, but when it comes to naps, I think it's even harder! Our two year old is now in a big-girl bed, which means that naps have been sporadic at best. I'm having a little trouble looking on the bright side! ;-)

    Your boys are adorable! I'm looking forward to exploring your site a bit! Hope you'll stop over and visit me too! :)

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