Sunday, August 15, 2010

Preparing for School

Martin (my husband) had this great idea to turn our unused garage space into a playroom for the boys.  We never park in there since the garage door is old and doesn't open properly, and it had basically turned into a room where we stored all of our junk.  We cleared out the middle space and put a large carpet remnant there.  Martin even put the boy's names on the garage door (we weren't using the wooden names in their room anymore), and he put a small table and chairs in their for "school."  I was skeptical at first (I wasn't thrilled with the dirty garage being the new play place), but the boys love it and it has just made our house bigger!

Now the boys want to play school every day.  We have started to use it as a way to prepare them both for preschool and kindergarten, which start in 4 more weeks.  To enter the "school," they have to be dressed, have their hair brushed and teeth brushed, and then I go on the other side of the door, pretend to be the teacher, and welcome them inside.  Yesterday they called me "teacher" all day long, up until they went to bed.  They were surprisingly obedient and got really into the role-playing.  They do worksheets at the small table, have "recess" and snack time, and it keeps them occupied for hours.  Why didn't I think of this?!

Micah knocking on the door for "school."  Love that sideways hat action.  In his hand you see a "ticket" (a.k.a. Thomas the Train flashcard) that I gave the boys to "enter the schoolroom" once they were ready.  

Micah was so excited to play school this morning that he even got Jaden dressed, underwear and all!  I was pleasantly shocked!

We also have been trying to keep busy in these last few weeks before school starts, since soccer, swimming lessons and vacations are over now.  I pulled out this Activity Jar that we made at MOPS last year, and put a bunch of new activities in it.  The old activities inside were outdoor things to do; the new activities are indoor things to do.  Here are some of the activities inside the jar:

-Go on a bike ride
-Go to the library
-Go on a Scavenger Hunt (give them a bag and a small list of pictures, and go for a walk outside to find the items)
-Visit a bookstore with a kids' section and let them look around
-Visit the pet store
-Play Candyland
-Read books
-Music time  (give them pretend instruments and have them play along to the music)
-Make cookies together

There are about 30 activities inside the jar, and this morning I had them pick out 1 each.  They picked inside activities today, and I told them when they are done, they can each pick a new one.  It just makes the mundane a little more fun.

Yesterday we painted, too, and I thought I'd pass along this easy little craft idea.  I picked up these small pots at the Dollar Tree (3 for $1).  Before we painted them, I put their snack inside:  raisins (for the "dirt") and almonds in the middle (for the "seeds").  Then we put a few goldfish on top just for fun.  They didn't love the almonds, but at least they tried them and loved their little snack pots.  After they were done eating, we painted them and let them dry.  Now we'll plant a real seed in soil and watch it grow!

How are you preparing for Back to School?

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  1. What a sweet post! We play school too and love it! In reality's not just're basically doing school at home :D